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Thirty Pound Thinspiration
Dear Chris,

I woke up at noon, had myself some Medifast poop soup, and then some ranch crackers. Two hours later, I had myself a cottage cheese cup! I need to drink more water, but I just weighed myself, and I’m at 153.8 or something, so I’m pretty happy with that. Oh, and just saying, my mom is not coming to the meetings, no matter what your manager says. 


Dear Chris,

I must admit, I’m kind of pissed off at you. I’ve been doing very well this week, I lost two pounds so far. Now I get a phone call telling me that my parents are going to attend the weight sessions? What am I? Five? I’m back on track, I’m 153.4 as of this morning, I feel like an ass hat already, you don’t have to rub it in by putting my parents to watch me get on a scale, they can do that already at home. 

The Zombie Apocalypse Blog is Up and Running!

Follow! Once I get a head count of everyone participating, the action can really begin!

Thanks for your support in helping to start this up! 

Oh my goodness, thank you!

I was hoping ten people would be interested, but I got more than expected! Please continue to watch my blog (you don’t have to follow me) so that I can post the link to the Zombie Apocalypse challenge! I will tag everything under the Zombie Apocalypse Challenge, so you can check there for news! I have the prizes all worked out! I will have the blog up and running first thing tomorrow! 

Went for another mile walk, so that makes three miles today!

Also, if anyone is interested in the Zombie Apocalypse Challenge, please message me! I want to get as many people as possible, who are dedicated to doing it, before I go and buy the prizes/make the blog!

Would you guys be interested?

I have an idea for weight loss that anyone could take part in, and it would be a ton of fun. I want to create a blog that is set in the times of the zombie apocalypse, where you have to eat what you can, and “run from the zombies”, and other activities that would give you a work out, while pretending that the brain munching dead are after you! For example, I would post things like: “You and your buddies are wandering around aimlessly, looking for something to occupy yourselves with, and you see a suit case lying under the rubble. Do two sets of weights to lift the ruins, and get to the case.” or “Holy shit! While you were sitting around the camp fire, sharing stories, when a few flesh choppers saw the smoke and found you! Run a mile to the next safe point!” The whole thing would go on for however long I decided, but, to people who I see are working hard, and losing weight while playing along, I would give out prizes from websites like Thinkgeek, and other zombie related toys. Maybe I would even throw in a grand prize, like new running shoes, or something crazy! 

It was just a thought, but I really, really want to do it. Would anyone be interested in taking the Zombie Apocalypse Challenge?

Eating some chicken noodle poop- I mean, soup, and a big jug of water after my two mile walk.

Hehe. But as I was walking, I had an idea, a crazy, but brilliant idea. 

Dear Chris,

I’ve gotten back on track! Yesterday was the first time I went eating all my Medifast food, and while I don’t think I got enough water, it’s a good start! I got on the scale this morning, and bam, 154! I lost a pound in a day just from eating the food! I had the medifast oatmeal for breakfast, and 4 cups of water as a side! I’m about to eat a bar, and then go for a three mile walk to the library! I’m totally determined to keep up with the medifast food, the water, and the exercise, because hot damn, I’m going to lose this weight, and I’m going to lose it now! I was very proud of myself yesterday, when my family went to a big picnic. Everyone there was eating hamburgers and hot dogs, and all this really fatty, heavy food, but I sat down at the table, with my trusty bar, ranch chips, and water, and had my own feast. It might taste like shit, but I know that I won’t regret it in a month! It feels good to finally be on track. Now, time to go change out of my pajamas, and into some good work out clothes! 

Bikini weather isn’t coming any later, you know!

Frying tofu right now

This is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. 

Went for a two mile jog uphill, in the blazing heat

As I was going, I saw an old classmate of mine from middle school walking home from school. He was the most popular kid in the school, and a total jack ass. As I ran by, he looked me up and down with a disgusted look on his face. I made a face as I ran by, something really unattractive, and his jaw literally dropped to the ground. Such a rewarding run. Right now, I’m making myself a green tea to help with detox, enjoying a glass of water, and googling good recipes with tofu. Any ideas, my fitblr community?