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Thirty Pound Thinspiration
A Daily Jog with my Dog

I took a two mile jog with Murphy:

Here’s him as a puppy! But this is him now:

So anyway, I went on a two mile jog/drag with my doggie, Murphy, since I can’t exactly jog with my hedgehog… It was tiring, but I think I’m going to do this every day. Also, I went to a crab place and, while my brother got a entree that was 2040 calories, I got something that was 680 calories. So, today, I had a total of:

120 calories of cereal

A bento box

680 calories of shrimp and meat and vegetables. Actually, the 680 would include the big pile of rice that came with it, and no rice for me! 

Tomorrow I get back on Medifast, and go for another two mile run! I’m going to impress Chris by being 152 or maybe even less!! Here’s to healthy~